“We won’t take it lying down: Britain’s alternative war on Ireland”
April 12, 2010

An Irish nationalist publisher seeks investors or a single patron so as to guarantee the publication of a most important book. The following which will appear on the book’s cover, explains all:

Successive Irish governments have conspired in a shameful cover-up of the truth regarding complementary and alternative therapies in Ireland.

 Did you know?

That starving Gaels were offered homeopathic relief during Black ’47.

That many Black and Tans were secret reflexologists.

That Brian Boru was in his tent awaiting acupuncture when he got more than a needle.

That Michael Collins was given Reiki by a British hussey before he signed the treaty.

That patriots thought that wrapping the green flag round them would protect them from British healers.

That our patriot dead are often annoyed by British clairvoyants.

That British aroma therapists tried to break the dirty protests.

That Prince Charles is now the leader of British alternative forces.

That the men of 1916 could have held out for another week had their resolve not been broken by the thoughts of an army of British distant healers.

In order to protect the thriving Irish alternative therapy industry the truth has been air-brushed out of Irish history. Anyone thought likely to break ranks and speak truth to power has been threatened with a psychic beating or worse, or has been bribed with long weekends in luxury spas getting hot stone treatments.

This must stop, even at the cost of jobs. Our national honour and our national spirit are under threat. Irish liberty is more important than Hopi ear candles.

 Eirigi. Tiocfai ar Blath.

This powerful book will attract a fat fee for film and television rights.