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October 5, 2017


The Hindu-Arabic or decimal number system has been an albatros around the neck of numerology since at least the creation of the universe.

The work of the numerologist should be a relatively uncomplicated matter of identifying the significant numbers in a client’s life, studying the mystical relationships between those numbers and the physical world, and drawing scientific inferences.

As St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430) wrote, “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth” but the decimal system – for no good reason – stretches all the way from 0 to 9. This has over-complicated the truth, making the job of the numerologist far too onerous and miring the client’s truth in elaborate muddle.

Don’t worry, help is at hand by way of a 21st century innovation. It’s time to open the gate and make the switch to Digital Numerology. Leave behind the world of the Grand Old Duke of York in which client’s could be neither up nor down. Drop the glass half full or half empty and slake your thirst for certitude. Numerology has ramped up to robust decisivness.

The Institute of Digital Spirit (IDS) offers new wave numerology: on/off, up/down, yin/yang, sick/well, pregnant or not, healed/fucked, alive/dead et bleedin’ cetera – and all this delivered in a 5 minute, 50 Euro session by a fully qualified digital numerologist.

You could be part of the revolution when the IDS gets a stock market listing or starts crowd funding – whatever.

The digital world doesn’t wait for losers, so when the gate of opportunity opens, get your finger out and invest.

REMEMBER: Numbers two to nine are so 20th century!


Homeopathic Audio Power Amplifier
June 18, 2013

Spirit Electronics of Dublin, Milan and New York have been refused grant aid by the Irish government and now seek private investors.

Capital is needed to develop their new concept which will revolutionise the audio industry. Since it applies only to output devices it is applicable to all modern devices and platforms. Moreover, since it will usher in enormous savings in power consumption, it will reduce the size of all power supplies, take batteries down to an as yet undetermined minimum and reduce recharge time accordingly.

Excited? Read on!

The concept borrows from homeopathy. The exciting objective is to develop an audio power amplifier which gets louder as the volume is reduced.

“We won’t take it lying down: Britain’s alternative war on Ireland”
April 12, 2010

An Irish nationalist publisher seeks investors or a single patron so as to guarantee the publication of a most important book. The following which will appear on the book’s cover, explains all:

Successive Irish governments have conspired in a shameful cover-up of the truth regarding complementary and alternative therapies in Ireland.

 Did you know?

That starving Gaels were offered homeopathic relief during Black ’47.

That many Black and Tans were secret reflexologists.

That Brian Boru was in his tent awaiting acupuncture when he got more than a needle.

That Michael Collins was given Reiki by a British hussey before he signed the treaty.

That patriots thought that wrapping the green flag round them would protect them from British healers.

That our patriot dead are often annoyed by British clairvoyants.

That British aroma therapists tried to break the dirty protests.

That Prince Charles is now the leader of British alternative forces.

That the men of 1916 could have held out for another week had their resolve not been broken by the thoughts of an army of British distant healers.

In order to protect the thriving Irish alternative therapy industry the truth has been air-brushed out of Irish history. Anyone thought likely to break ranks and speak truth to power has been threatened with a psychic beating or worse, or has been bribed with long weekends in luxury spas getting hot stone treatments.

This must stop, even at the cost of jobs. Our national honour and our national spirit are under threat. Irish liberty is more important than Hopi ear candles.

 Eirigi. Tiocfai ar Blath.

This powerful book will attract a fat fee for film and television rights.

Invest in alternative therapy training: the miracle that is Rearology
March 30, 2010

The Irish Rearology Foundation is seeking funds to expand its training programme so that there will be enough practitioners to satisfy demand in Ireland. A later phase will see the ancient Irish practice of Rearology go international.

Rearology explained
This ancient holistic therapy is mentioned in the Táin and many of the Tales of The Red Branch Cycle. In later years scholars have argued that Pádraig Pearse, Peig Sayers, Eamon DeValera and others could have been helped by a qualified practitioner and the course of modern Ireland might have been changed.

Energy lines run throughout the body and, as any Reflexologist will tell you, they can be accessed at pressure points which route back to particular organs and indeed to the brain. That is to say, in reflexology pressure applied to known points on the feet and hands can unblock energy and improve conditions in, say, the heart or liver.

Rearology teaches that the most effective pressure points appear in the buttocks. Two advantages accrue. Firstly, the larger area makes location of the points easier and requires less accuracy. This is important for the beginner or student Rearologist. Secondly, the increased area admits far more pressure points and therefore treatment for a greater range of maladies, especially those of the mind or spirit.

All students taking a course will receive careful, supportive tuition in pathways, physiology and ethics. Once it is established that they are of sufficient merit, they will be initiated into the lore and given a coloured chart of the pressure points in the buttocks.

On completion of the course they will get their steel-toed therapeutic boots.

A phrase quick to the lips of any Irish person today reflects a deep, ethnic awareness of this ancient therapy. That is to say, while the full significance would not be in the conscious mind of the average Irish person, it remains in the Gaelic race memory and appears in everyday language – even in English. Thus when the Irish person says, “What he/she needs is a good kick in the arse”, the emphasis is on “good” and the reference is to Rearology. A well placed kick can cure many of the problems on which many reflexologists and other therapists are forced to labour for months.

The therapeutic boots help too and their cost is included in the tuition fee.

Hello world!
March 30, 2010

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